2018 Russia World Cup: 32 Teams, 32 Gamechangers

The 2018 Russia World Cup draws ever closer, and I have picked a player from each team that could help their team reach the final...even Panama and Iran. 


England’s World Cup 23-man Squad: Bye Bye Hart

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Panini Sticker Album is out and my England 23-man-squad is too, I'm not expecting too much from the three lions this year. That is until, a couple of weeks before the opening game, and I've got my eyes set on England winning the World Cup. (Preferably from a Crouch header, or a penalty won by a Dele Alli dive)

Remember the victims

Guns. What do I know about guns? I have never touched one. I have never felt the exhilarating power that one can feel upon beholding such a deadly weapon, nor do I want to.

The Race for Equality

In a world that is filled with people who get a kick out of empowerment and citing hatred, can we toast to a change for freedom and liberation of mankind from the root of evil.

A Letter to Football Scholars II

It’s a daunting prospect for a lot of scholars that have to move away at the tender age of 16, as they live in digs provided by their clubs - but it also provides a platform of independence that is key to coming of age.

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