A Letter to Football Scholars II

It’s a daunting prospect for a lot of scholars that have to move away at the tender age of 16, as they live in digs provided by their clubs - but it also provides a platform of independence that is key to coming of age.


Top Cold Coffee From Starbucks

For those Iced Coffee-lovers the next time you visit Starbucks give this a try.

Athletes as Role Models

Since I was a child the image of a role model has changed in my mind rather than someone who I aspire to be like, my role model is someone who can inspire me to be a better person. It is no longer the aspirations that are key to influencing me, it is inspiration that can influence.


A Letter to Football Scholars

There are three types of players; those with the work ethic but not much ability, those with the ability but not much work ethic and those with the work ethic and the ability.


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