The Race for Equality

No race is superior – no gender is superior – equality is for everyone. For anyone that tries to force or tell you that someone is more superior, you tell them the truth by any means necessary.

It’s a disgrace to see what is happening in Charlottesville, Virginia.

When I walk into a shop do I decide what to buy because of the colour of the packaging or what is inside the packaging? The packaging comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some packages are more full than others and some packages you have to go through different packaging on the inside and you get to what you actually purchased and it’s not all that.

What I am saying is colour does not matter, a colour is not inferior or superior, a colour is something that makes the world so beautiful. The best part of the packaging is when you open it and find what you purchased inside. Take your time to know someone – we can find equality and we can fight supremacy, open your minds and you will find it.

In a world that is filled with people who get a kick out of empowerment and citing hatred, can we toast to a change for freedom and liberation of mankind from the root of evil. It starts with small steps and acts of kindness, no one is perfect and there will be more backward steps than forward, but that one forward step could start a change. It’s time to channel our energy in positivity rather than negativity.





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